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About the Exposition

About Floriade

Floriade is an international horticultural exposition which first opened in 1960 and has been held in the Netherlands every 10 years since 1972. It has the longest history and tradition of exhibiting excellent flowering, landscaping, and horticultural techniques of Europe and other countries around the world. Floriade 2022 will be held in Almere, a landfill city near Amsterdam. In order to make it a low-rise residential area in the future, the entire area will be divided into 192 sections with a 4 meter width of greenery around each section. The exposition will also have a complete recycling system as it aims to be an environment-friendly event.

About the Exposition

About the Exposition
Official Exposition title
International Horticultural Expo Expo 2022 Floriade Almere, The Netherlands
A1 certified by AIPH
Authorized Expositions under the International Exposition Convention
Growing Green Cities
Almere,The Netherlands
Opening Period
14 April 2022 - 9 October 2022
Floriade Almere 2022 B.V.
Prospective Exhibitors
Around 40 participating countries
Prognosis of 2 million visitors

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Park map