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Japanese Garden Pavilion


SATOYAMA Farm Garden

Satoyama refers to a traditional Japanese rural landscape, where local farming communities have been engaged in small-scale forest management for centuries. It provides proper management of farmland, forests and other green spaces, sustainable use of resources such as wood, fuel and humus, contributing to the conservation of natural resources and the maintenance of a favorable landscape.

This concept adheres to the theme of the upcoming International Horticultural Exposition in Yokohama, Japan in 2027. The expo places the importance of maintaining green spaces such as gardens, farmlands, and forests, and sustainably conserving biological resources. It also closely relates to the Floriade 2022 theme Growing Green Cities and the sub-theme of Green to promote more green in urban areas.

Satoyama allows nature to coexist in harmony, creating a beautiful traditional landscape of Japan. We are proud to present this unique culture that incorporates nature into the daily lives of people. Japanese people have always cherished the harmony between their houses and the fields and forests surrounding them. That is what "Satoyama Farm Garden" is all about.

Fulfilling Life with flowers in the urban future
The theme Growing Green Cities will be seen throughout the integrated display of Satoyama, a traditional recycling lifestyle in harmony with nature, and Japan's outstanding flowering plants and floral culture.

The design is based on the image of farmhouses and forests found in the Kanto Plain. It shows the traditional lifestyle of recycling, in which farmland, countryside, and Satoyama are joined with the housing area.

Japanese Pavilion

Japanese Pavilion Japanese Pavilion
Passing rich floral future to Urban future
The theme of the Exposition, "Growing Green Cities," will be captured in the Satoyama landscape, a traditional recycling-oriented lifestyle of Japan in harmony with nature, and its outstanding floral culture.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden Japanese Garden
SATOYAMA Farm Garden
Inspired by farmhouses and residential forests found in the Kanto plain, a traditional recycling lifestyle embodies residential land, farmland, Satochi (village land), and Satoyama as a whole.